Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is a beautiful word not because it’s a composition of these alphabets L, O, V and E but it contains the flow of emotion within the all entity of the universe. This word has no meaning the meaningful thing is what it contains in it, because may be someone has another word that contain the same thing .The magic is how we feel when this word comes to us in any form .From the evolution of life it comes in the form of attraction as nature has designed the body of all creature .Our organs are so sensitive by design when we are in the range of this emotional energy the flow starts automatically. This is biological phenomenon we don’t know why and how it happens. Only we know that something attracting towards it. From something that our organs stimulating. We feel extreme pleasure only in the range of this invisible flow of energy. Every part of our body is conducting very fast that means there is something empty by design differently in different entity. So when something comes that may fill the empty accordingly the flow starts. This is nothing but flow of that energy that stimulates the organism up to extreme.